Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program at Darden Rehabilitation Foundation operates on the premise that everyone, regardless of the severity of disability, can work in the community if provided the necessary and appropriate supports.  Supported employment is designed for those whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred or for whom competitive employment has been interrupted or intermittent as a result of significant disability.

The consumers are assessed for on the job strengths and weaknesses in a variety of situational job settings. The Supported Employment Specialist (SES) then works with the consumer to seek gainful employment. The SES assists the consumers with skills such as filling out job applications, job interview skills, resume development, and appropriate work behaviors. Once competitive employment has been obtained, the SES is available to provide full time on the job training for at least two weeks or longer if necessary.  The SES is available not only to assist with on the job training but to assist the consumer and employer with any issues that might arise. The SES also works with the consumer and employer to develop and provide any special accommodations (such as task analysis lists, sit/stand chairs, etc.) that might be necessary for the consumer’s ability to succeed on the job.