Employment Opportunities

Occasionally, an Employment Vacancy opens up with Darden Rehabilitation Foundation. Openings will be listed here.


DRF Job Application





Educational:  The requirement desired for this position is a bachelor’s degree or work experience in a closely related field, and with knowledge of the goals of rehabilitation, business practices and job requirements. 


The Employment Specialist works under the supervision of the Program Coordinator and is responsible for the efficient and ethical performance of duties.  The Employment Specialist will provide employment services, i.e. job development, job coaching, job retention and supported employment follow up services.  The Employment Specialist will be required to work varied hours depending upon consumer’s work schedule.


1.   Ability to communicate effectively and interact appropriately with consumers,      

      counselors and employers.

2.   Knowledge of disabilities and functional limitations and how they impact   


3.   Assess consumer job readiness skills.  Teach appropriate application skills,

      interviewing skills, resume writing, proper dress, grooming and hygiene, orientation

      to wages, withholding and benefits, job seeking skills, job retention skills, dialogue 

      about disability, capabilities, consumer’s preferences and necessary 


4.   Develop job leads.  Initiate and maintain employment relationships to facilitate

      placement opportunities.  Establish contact with employers and agencies, survey    

      newspaper, and other sources to locate work opportunities for consumers.

5.   Be familiar with employer expectations, specific functions, employee benefits, and 

      hiring procedures for specific job vacancies.

6.   Complete the Initial Interview and Job Search Plan.  (Monitor Job Search Plan daily.)   

      Compose and write reports with proper format, punctuation and grammar.  

7.   Recruit and pre-screen job applicants for vacancies.  Refer qualified applicants to    

      employers, striving for a good job match and employer/consumer satisfaction.

8.   Set up job interviews with employer and accompany consumer to interview when   


9.   Assist with job applications and transportation when necessary.  Help consumer   

      obtain proper identification for work purposes.

10. Counsel with consumers and family members to obtain support of employment     


11. Assist consumer with securing employment and overcoming barriers to  


12. Learn job tasks required of worker at job site.  Train the consumer on job safety.

      Teach performance of specific job tasks. Develop or facilitate job site accommodations as necessary.  Model appropriate behavior on job.

13. Track consumer’s progress in meeting job standards and compliance with keeping    

      company policies. 

14. Familiarize appropriate co-workers and supervisors regarding the consumer’s  

      employment related needs and accommodations.

15. Train the consumer to self advocate and solve problems. 

16. Work with the counselor and team members in solving problems that impact  

      consumer’s employment (i.e. transportation, child care needs, family problems,  

      housing issues, appropriate response to authority, employer expectations, etc.)

17. Routinely report the consumer’s progress in meeting job standards to the counselor. 

      Prepare progress reports in a timely manner.

18. Provide job retention services training the consumer on any new tasks and job

      requirements introduced after initial training.

19. Maintain contact with the consumer and/or employer as frequently as is needed to

      provide support, to assess job performance/satisfaction, and to assist consumer in

      maintaining employment.  Monitor and document the consumer’s performance at   

      the job site and monitor employer satisfaction.

20. Provide feedback to counselor and team members regarding consumer problems

      and accomplishments on the job in a timely manner.

21. When appropriate, determine reasons why the consumer lost his/her job and   

      provide feedback to counselor.

22. Maintain documentation in participant files regarding referral information, service  

      provision and termination information in order to keep files current.

23. Participate in staffing’s and activities, as well as other community personnel/  

      employment meetings and groups to insure current information regarding   

      employment trends and labor market issues.

24. Maintain communication and cooperative relationship with all referral agencies to

      enhance service provision.

25. Other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.

26. Maintain Milestones.

27. Maintain monthly milestones tracking form for Montgomery.

In order to adequately fulfill this position, the employee should be able to perform the following, with or without accommodations:

1.         Maintain a stationary position ≥ 50% of the time.

2.         Needs to be able to occasionally move about inside the office to access file cabinets,             office equipment, etc.

3.         Constantly operate a computer and other office productivity equipment.

4.         Frequently communicate with employees, employers, coworkers and consumers.

5.         Will occasionally need to lift items up to 20 pounds.

Direct Supervisor:  Program Coordinator