The following statistical analysis contains information from October 2016 through September 2017:

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services did away with the STEPs program during  FY2017. Part of the year was on STEPs, and part of the year was on the new Consumer Service Fees (CSF) schedule.

During the year, DRF assisted 584 individuals with their vocational rehabilitation needs.


General Labor – 56 or 33.73%

Food Service/ Processing – 36 or 21.69%

Manufacturing/ Industrial – 19 or 11.45%

Construction – 13 or 7.83%

Machine Operator – 10 or 6.02%

Caregiver – 8 or 4.82%


DRF overall rating was 4.9 out of 5

Received 98 exit surveys

87.76% strongly agreed that DRF services were helpful

87.76% strongly agreed that they were allowed to ask questions about their program

86.73% strongly agreed they could ask questions/ make suggestions about their IEP

85.71% strongly rated Darden Rehabilitation’s services

88.78% strongly agreed their accessibility needs were being met.